Matt Cerf feat Jaren ‘Let Me Breathe’ – Solaris Recordings



CMJ 'Light The Skies' – Baroque Records (IDMA NOMINATION)

Shawn Mitiska feat Jaren ‘Silently’ – Wildchild Records

Matt Cerf & Eric Meza feat Jaren ‘With Me’ – Fraction Records

CMJ 'Saved Again' – Somatic Sense



Matt Cerf & Evelio feat Jaren ‘Walk Away’ – DeepBlue Rec.

Jav D. Ft Einat 'Silver Lining' – Armada

Santiago Nino ft. Jaren 'Stereo Love' – Istmo Music

Jaren – ‘Best Friends & Lovers’  - AudreyQuest

Jaren  ‘You’re The One’- AudreyQuest

Jaren  ‘Good Kind Of Bad’ - AudreyQuest

Jaren  ‘Save A Dance’- AudreyQuest

Jaren  ‘Virginia’ - AudreyQuest

Jaren  ‘Ode To Ray’ - AudreyQuest

Jaren  ‘Runnin’ My Way’ - AudreyQuest

Jaren  ‘Bittersweet’ -AudreyQuest

Jaren  ‘Come Home’ - AudreyQuest

Jaren  ‘Don’t Need A Reason’ - AudreyQuest

Arnej ft. Josie 'Strangers We've Become' - Armada

CMJ 'You Never Said' – Armada (IDMA NOMINATION)

Pulser ft. Josie 'Sunseeker' – Maelstrom Records



Armin Van Buuren ft. Jaren 'Unforgivable' - Armada

CMJ 'Beggin You' - Armada

Matt Cerf feat Jaren ‘Me & You’ – Sirup Records

John O'Callaghan ft. Jaren 'Surreal' – Armada

John O'Callaghan ft. Josie 'Out Of Nowhere' – Armada

Flux Capacitor ‘Gone Away’ – Mondo Records



FKN feat Laurie ‘Alone’ – DeepBlue Recordings

CMJ with Dash Berlin 'Man On The Run' – Armada (IDMA NOMINATION)

Pulser ft. Josie 'Undo The Silence' – Maelstrom Records

Serge Devant ft. Jaren 'No Good' – Ultra Records

Masoud ft. Josie 'Leave It All Behind' – AVA Recordings

Heatbeat ft. Josie 'Because Of You' – Armada

Aly & Fila ft. Josie 'Listening' – Armada Music

Bayazzo ft. Hannah 'Your Last Touch' – Fektive Records

CMJ 'Another World' – Armada

Conjure One ft. Jaren 'Zephyr' – Nettwerk

Conjure One ft. Jaren 'The Distance' – Nettwerk (FILM FEATURE)

Masoud ft. Laurie 'Blinded' – AVA Recordings



Masoud ft. Hannah Ray 'Here We Go' – AVA Recordings

Andy Duguid ft. Fenja 'Strings' – Magik Muzik

Quintino ft. Fenja 'World Is Calling' - Spinnin

W & W ft. Bree 'Nowhere To Go' - Armada

Eco ft. Einat 'Breaking The Habit' - Armada

San ft. Fenja 'Wish You Love' - Sony

San ft. Laurie Mannette 'Don't Give It Away' - Sony

Matt Cerf feat Jaren ‘Down To You’ - Armada

Estiva ft. Josie 'Better Days' - Armada

Philippe El Sisi ft. Josie 'Over You' - Armada

Sied Van Riel ft. Fenja 'The Game' - Spinnin



Tenishia ‘Where Do We Begin’ - Armada

Eddie Ecstasy feat Einat ‘Ecstasy’ - Armada

CMJ with Rank 1 'Witness' - Armada

Chriss Ortega ft. Josie 'Prayer For The Ages' – HouseSession

Masoud ft. Nicole Mckenna 'Fix The Broken' – AVA Recordings

Cubetronix ft. Fenja 'Seein Stars' – Time Records

Amurai 'Love And Light' – Kontor Records

Nilson & the 8th Note ft. Fenja 'Looking For Love' – CR2 Records

Andy Moor ft. Nicole Mckenna 'Please Forgive Me' – AVA Recordings

CMJ 'Starting Right Now' - Armada

Faruk Sabanci ft. Josie 'Wake Up' - Armada

Marcus Schossow ft. Elleah 'Hurry Up' - Spinnin

Clubplayers ft. Fenja 'Polyphonic' – CR2 Records

CMJ 'Give Me A Sound' - Armada

CMJ ‘Circles’ - Armada

CMJ ‘Ready For Go’ - Armada

CMJ ‘Our Neighborhood’ - Armada

CMJ ‘Play Our Lives’ - Armada

CMJ ‘Let's Run Away’ - Armada

CMJ ‘Part Of Me’ - Armada

CMJ ‘Our Little Secret’ - Armada

Markus Schulz ft. Jaren 'Carry On' - Armada

Joanna 'Alive' – SoPinkWorld (RADIO CHART)

The Cube Guys ft. Fenja ‘Turn It Up’ – Time Records



Antoine Clamaran feat. Fenja ‘This Is My Goodbye’ – Clap Records (BILLBOARD)

Aly & Fila feat. Eli ‘Your Heart Is Mine’ – Armada

Aly & Fila feat. Jaren ‘End Of the Road’ – Armada

Sir Pathétik 'Viens Danser' - High Life Music

Andy Duguid feat. Jaren ‘7even’ – Black Hole

Faruk Sabanci feat. Jaren ‘Discover’ –  Arisa Audio

Liuck & XB feat. Fenja ‘Prince & Beggar’ – Time Records



Andee ‘We Are Gold’ – Universal  (CBC - SOCHI OLYMPICS)

First State feat. Fenja ‘Battle Of Hearts’ – Black Hole

Aly & Fila feat. Jaren ‘For All Time’ - Armada

Andy Duguid feat. Jaren ‘History’ – Black Hole

Cosmic Gate feat. Jaren ‘Try’ - Armada

The Blizzard & Daniel van Sand feat. Fenja ‘Teach Yourself To Fly’ - Armada

Andy Moor & Lange feat. Fenja ‘Top of the World’ – Lange Recordings

Heatbeat & Avenue One feat. Jaren ‘Left Standing’ - Armada

Andy Duguid feat. Jaren ‘Battlecry’ – Black Hole

Matt Cerf and Ost & Meyer feat Fenja ‘Like We Love’ – Always Alive



Matt Cerf & Raneem feat. Fenja - 'Together Soon'

Mindbody & AxelPolo feat. Fenja - 'Pure Gold'

Maiara - 'Burning Me Alive' - Hybride Park Music

Maiara - 'Secret' - Hybride Park Music

Maiara - 'Don't Suffer' - Hybride Park Music

Maiara - 'I'm Human Too' - Hybride Park Music

Maiara - 'We Can Do Better' - Hybride Park Music

Andee 'If You Want Me' -Universal Canada

Andee 'Bit O' Love' -Universal Canada

Andee 'Unblind Me' -Universal Canada

Andee 'For Better Or Worse -Universal Canada

Andee 'Calling' - Universal Canada

Andee 'Let 'Em Talk' - Universal Canada

Eva Avila 'Never Get Enough'

Mohamed Ragab Feat. Jaren - Hear Me

Matt Cerf & Feel* Feat. Jaren - Leave The Light On

Sir Felix Feat. Jaren - You Feel Like Home

Raneem & MD Feat. Jaren - Never Let Me Go

Raneem & MD Feat. Einat - Ready For Change



Raneem Feat. Einat - Got Me Good

Lukay Feat. Generation - The Real Thing

Jaren - Blame You

Jaren - Here I Am

Jaren - Letters

Jaren - Sleeping Beauty

Jaren - Thrift Store Shoes

Jaren - Daisy

Jaren - Take Me With You

Jaren - Fire & Nails

Alyson Bay - Red Star

Alyson Bay - Remind Me

Saad Ayub Feat. Fenja - Ever After - Armada

Maya Kodes - Boomerang - Sony

Mohammed Ragab feat Jaren - Hear Me  - Armada



Feel & Jaren - Losing Time  - FSOE

Mindcraft feat Jaren - Together We Breathe

Madison Mars feat Jaren - It Was Me



Hazem Beltagui feat Jaren & Avenue One - Maybe It's You - FSOE

Saad Ayub feat Jaren - Hurt - Raz Nitzan Music

Matt Cerf & Tomac feat Jaren - Who I Am - Black Hole



Antoine Clamaran & The Cube Guys feat. Jaren - You Got The Love



Fatum feat. Jaren - Wait For The World - Armind

Saad Ayub feat. Jaren - Give Into The Sun 

Andy Duguid feat. Jaren - My Thunder - Magigmuzik



Lesko Cerf - Turn Me On - Kinda Huge Records

Conjure One feat. Jaren - Animals - Black Hole